2 mai 2018

My twin in Bali

From the 23rd of April until the 1st of May, my twin sister came to visit me. I was waiting for this moment for so long, I can’t imagine it’s already passed !

She arrived on Sunday night, so we had a rest and the Monday we woke up and passed all day in Komune, a beach club near Slukat. It was important to chill, first because my sister works and didn’t have holidays for one year, and because we planned to go to Lempuyang temple during the Monday night, to see the sunrise over the Mount Agung. It was very beautiful, even if it was cloudy.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a rest, we just chilled on the beach, enjoying the sun and Wednesday, during the night, we leaved for Ubud to do the ascent of Mount Batur. The driver picked us in central Ubud at 02 a.m. and brought us to an organic farm to have breakfast. After that, we started the ascent of the Mount: we climb for two hours; at the beginning it was easy but more we climbed, more it was hard. At the peak, the path is only made up of volcanic ash so it’s very slippery. When we were on the top, it was yet night, and we waited for the sunrise, to have a view on the Mount Agung. At the beginning, it was very cloudy, so we were disappointed, moreover that it was the same at Lempuyang temple. But finally, the wind pushed the clouds and we had a wonderful view under the Mount, the lake and the sea. It really was a magic moment. We took time to take pictures and to walk around. It’s unforgettable. However, lowering was harder because it’s slippery, it’s warm because the sun is rising, and you are tired, so I think it was more complicated because of the conditions.

On Thursday morning, after the ascent of Mount Batur, we went to Lovina, a city in North Bali renowned for seeing dolphins. We booked a hotel on the beach, we had a massage there, and time to relax after the ascent. On Friday morning, we woke up early to take a boat and go to see the dolphins, during the sunrise. We see them a bit but they were far from us because there are a lot of boats doing the same so the dolphins are scared. But enjoying the sea, during the sunrise, with dolphins around us was very amazing.

During the week-end, we went to Nusa Lembongan, a small island in the province of Bali: it’s only thirty minutes by boat. We took the boat Saturday morning, we went to our hotel: a small room in front of the sea. It was cute. So, we put our stuff there and go to lunch. It’s really a touristic island but there aren’t many things to do: you can chill on small bars, find some pools or enjoy the sea. The night, all is closed at 10 p.m. But the Sunday morning we had the chance to do snorkelling with three spots. The first one allowed us to see the Buddha temple under the sea. The second one was amazing because we could see the manta rays: it’s unique. And the third and last spot allowed us to see corals and fishes. It was a nice experience.

We finished the week-end by chilling and my sister left Bali Monday night, and I feel quite sad now because it was so good to live these experiences with her. I miss her already…


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