15 avril 2018


Ubud is one of the most famous city in Bali, there is a lot of things to do.

First, you can have a walk in Ubud’s market and find traditional jewels, clothes, works of art as paintings or small carvings. It’s really a colourful market who attracts a lot of tourists. Also, there is a food market, mostly for fruits as the dragon fruits, manggis, banana, coconut… For sure, negotiate is a part of the culture here. You can also do shopping around this market because there are a lot of shops, occidental and local ones. I think it's one of the most touristic city in Bali.

Also, in Ubud, it’s possible to visit the famous Monkey Forest, literally a sanctuary here. In this forest, 700 monkeys coexist: the “Balinese long-tailed monkey” or “macaque”. They live in a forest composed of 180 species of trees. Here, there is different group of monkeys and sometimes, it happens fight between them because of some territory rivalry. There are also temples in this forest, three to be exact.

You really pass a good time in this sanctuary, you have a walk around the forest, the monkeys are around you. Maybe I was a bit scared because I’m not immunized against rabies and if you have food or water on your bag, the monkeys can jump on you, and stole you, they can even be aggressive. But, I prepared myself to it and make sure nothing will interest them. They can also steal your phone if you take picture, you need to pay attention.

Finally, in Ubud, precisely next to Ubud, there are rice fields named “Tegallalang Rice Terrace”. It’s one of the three most famous rice fields in the region. In there, you make your own route, you climb, and you go down, it’s paradisiac. At the end of your course, you can take a drink in ones of the several terraces which are there, with the view under the rice fields. It’s a touristic attraction but you must do it if you come in Bali because it’s typical.

Also, what I love to do when I’m in Ubud is to take a frozen yogurt. In my bowl I only put yogurt, strawberries and Nutella, it’s magic to end a good day in Ubud like that.



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