3 avril 2018


From Singapore to Bali !

This week-end, some friends from IPAG who do an internship in Singapore came in Bali to visit us. We planned to rent an Airbnb in Seminyak. It’s a city in the same area of Canggu and Kuta, so it allows us to visit a lot of things. We arrived all on Thursday night, so we just decided to chill and to have a rest to be ready for the week-end together.

On Friday, we went to have breakfast in Kuta, enjoy the beach and its high waves and then we went to Tanah Lot temple. It’s a Hindu temple, a place of pilgrimage, in the middle of the sea. It’s one of the seven temples of the sea in Bali, where you pray for the God of the Sea.

We had a long walk on the cost, during the sunset, the sea was down so we could be on the beach, but we didn’t enter in the temple because you must pay, and we already paid the parking and the entry, but we took time to take picture and enjoy the view.

After that, we went to have a drink in one of the terrace and enjoy the sunset and the night falling. It’s was a good moment with friends. But, when we were there, the rain started falling so we had to come back home earlier (and drive under the rain, during the night, is quite dangerous). During the way back, we had the chance to see a strange animal: the Luwak. The Luwak is an animal who defecates coffee. The history is that the Luwak choose the best coffee beans and then defecates a high quality of coffee, it’s the most expensive coffee in the world. We were happy to have the opportunity to touch one.

On Saturday, we drove for two hours to arrive in Uluwatu, in the south of Bali. It’s a fancy spot, mostly for surfers. We followed a spot to have the opportunity to see cove, and we found one; it was hard to arrive on the beach, we had to walk a lot, but it was wonderful. The sea was blue, the beach was hidden. Nevertheless, there were a lot of surfers, so it was a bit dangerous to swim, but enjoying the view, the feet on the sea, was enough. After that, we went on a bar to have a mango juice and enjoy the view one last time. It’s a good memory.

On Sunday, we went to have breakfast in Canggu, and then we went to Pantai Kayu Putih, also a fancy place where you can listen to music, take a drink and enjoy the sea. When we were there, taking again a mango juice, our friend Mathieu went to get tattooed. It gives us the idea with Camille to get tattooed also. In fact, we have a two weeks trip at the end of the volunteering mission in Cambodia and Vietnam so maybe we can tattoo something that reminds us all our adventure here in Asia. We’ll see…  



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