12 mars 2018

Slukat: staff, classes and schedule

In Slukat, as in IPAG, we are a family !

In Slukat, the staff members are Novy, Indira, Gung Dwi, Agung and Agung. Novy is the supervisor, she manages the well organisation of the center. Gung Dwi and Agung P. manages the schedule, the students and the public school. Indira coordinates our arrival and makes sure that we become well integrated. Agung S. helps for the organisation and on Tuesday and Thursday he allows us to travel around the village; for example, he can bring some volunteers to Ubud or Sukawati. 

Also, in the center live the founders, the family who created Slukat. They are really kind with the volunteers, they organise diners, activities… and the daughter manages the accounting of the center. 

I'm teacher in three classes: Brahma (with Mathilde), Siwa (with Hanae) and Nakula (with Léa). Here, the classes have name and not number. My students have between 12 and 17 years old. The Nakula class is made up of students around 12 years old with an intermediate level. The Siwa class is made up of students (only girls) around 14 years old with an intermediate level, better than in Nakula class. Finally, the Brahma class is made up of students around 16 years old with an intermediate level, better than in Siwa class. There are between 5 and 10 students for each class. 

Before class, I must prepare the class contents according to the curriculum given by Gung Dwi. We can talk about grammar, vocabulary, topics as the body, tourism, transportation… To open and close the class, the students make a prayer: "Om swastiastu" and "Om santi santi santi om". It's important to wear a pant and to have covered shoulders to give class.

The schedule is made for the month, and we must make an exam and a movie day at the end of each month. Also, the first Monday of the month, all the staff and volunteers are reunited for a meeting where everyone give its impressions about the organisation and the classes. 

Finally, with Camille, we give class in one public school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Here, the class is made up of 30 students around 13 years old. It's harder to teach in these conditions, and it's also harder to create a link with the students. To go in public school, we must take scooters and drive for 10 minutes. 

We have between one and two classes per day and a class lasts approximately one hour and a half.



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