6 mars 2018

My first week-end in Bali

At the beginning, I was supposed to come in Bali with my friend Camille. But, after my experience in Barcelona, where I met Inssafe, she decided to join us for the adventure. So, we left Paris the first of March, I took the plane with Camille, and we joined Inssafe in Bali's airport. After thirty-three hours of flight, we finally arrived in Southeast Asia. 

Indira, our coordinator during the volunteering mission, picked us at the airport: it is around one hour from Slukat Learning Center. So, we had the time to see our new environment, through the windows of the car. Immediately, we felt the warm weather, it was hard to breathe even if the ace was on. There was many greenery, it changes a lot from Paris.

Slukat Learning Center is in Keramas village, in the region of Gianyar, in the southeast of Bali. When we arrived in the center, we felt quite surprised because we didn’t expect that: it is organised by four classrooms, one library, one office, two temple bedrooms and one house with the living room and three other bedrooms. We are in the middle of rice fields. Indira shew us our room: it looks like a small temple, traditional, and, the most important, with a tropical shower.

After the visit, Indira left, and we were like “what are we going to do?” because it wasn’t possible to have scooters during the first week-end, all the volunteers weren’t there, and we were in a completely new environment. We decided then to go to the beach: it's beautiful because it’s a black sand beach, we took a drink in front of the sea: it sounded like paradise.

It was hard to sleep the first night, mostly because of the excitation I think. But we were also a bit scared: we saw a lot of animals in the bedroom and we felt disoriented to be there, engaged for four months.

On Sunday, we were also alone in the center and we were waited for the other volunteers, we were very excited to meet them. There is four Belgians: Hanae, Hanne, Nadia and Yente; two Dutch people: Richard and Jim; and five other French people: Antoine, Antoine, Mathilde, Léa and Emilie. They arrived in the evening, so we all went to a restaurant, the Warong Legong (the place to be). We all ate together, it was really cool, at that moment I thought “It will be an incredible adventure”. 


First week-end Bali

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