2 janvier 2018

Summary: What I retain about my experience in Barcelona?

This experience in Barcelona was awesome for me, in many points: the studies, the culture, the daily life and my personal achievement. I know that this semester gave me some clues for the future: It restored my desire to move forward.

Thanks to this experience, I improved my English really well; all my classes were in English and people I met are international students, so we spoke in English. Improving my English was one of my biggest goals through this experience.

Also, for the second time, I lived alone. My first experience of independence was in Paris during my first year at IPAG BS and it was difficult. But here in Barcelona, I think I managed it quite well. I am really proud of me because when I arrived, I didn’t have an accommodation, I passed one week in four different Airbnb and despite all, I push myself to don’t be stressed, I searched offers as more as I can during that week and I finally found the flat where I lived during all the semester. This first experience in Barcelona showed me I can manage. Even if sometimes it was harder, I managed my budget, my daily life. Now, I find it impossible to live with my mother again; I feel so independent and confident. I am so ‘thankful’ of this experience to brought me that. And I know my parents are also proud of me. 

About my classes in EAE Business School, I mostly retain how much the rules during the class were different: you can eat and drink, you can leave the class without asking, the teachers are easier going so the ‘relation’ is friendlier. I felt really strange at the beginning because classes in France are more formal. In my opinion, this allowed me to be more responsible.  

If I have to give an advice to future students, I would say that expectations here are the same than in France. At the beginning, I thought "we are Erasmus students, we only have five classes, teachers are relax… let's chill". In fact, teachers really expect investment and work. That shows that even if we are Erasmus students, we are here also to study and there is no preferential treatment. Don't make this mistake, because a lot a students were surprised about their grades.  

To conclude, even if discover new cultures brought me a lot, I feel also proud to be French, and happy to live in France.  But I may feel disappointed to come back to France after this experience. Also, I’m going to Bali for the second semester and with all these ‘tips’, I’m sure I will feel less pressure to leave far away of my house; first because now I have the habit to live alone, and because I know now how to adapt myself to foreign people. 

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