5 novembre 2017

Bunkers del Carmel

'Bunkers del Carmel', located in the heights of Barcelona, is the perfect spot to have a panoramic view of the city and escape. 

This spot was built initially during the civil war in the 30's. The army from Barcelona built these bunkers to protect the city against the bombing of General Franco. A military headquarter was installed in one of the bunker. The war was lost by the army of Barcelona and the bunkers turned in precarious houses. 

Nowadays, there are not more than ruins, but you can stay there and observe the panoramic view of the city. It's always beautiful: during the sunrise, the day, the sunset, and the night. The highest spot is called 'Turo de la Rovira', where you can see a breathtaking 360-degree views of downtown. 

I was there yesterday with some friends, we brought some drinks and candies and we relaxed by observing the sunset, playing games and talking. In my opinion, it was one of those moments when the time just stops, and I thought 'I am so lucky to be here'. Nevertheless, it's quite long to get over there because you need to take the metro, the bus and after to walk. But it's worth it. 

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