17 octobre 2017

Trip in Madrid

Since the 12th till the 15th of October, we were in bank holidays. Thanks to these holidays, we had the opportunity, with some international students, to have a trip in Madrid. 

We were six during the trip: three Polish, two Mexicans and me, a French. We had reserved a car and a Airbnb for the trip: Madrid is at five hours of Barcelona. 

We leaved Barcelona thursday in the morning and we arrived in the afternoon in Madrid. We directly went to the Airbnb, we put our stuffs, we ate, and we went to a small western festival on the outskirts of the city. It was really great  but we were exhausted. 

Friday, we past all the day in Madrid. We visited first the famous garden 'El Retiro' with the Crystal's Palace, the small lake, and the flora and the fauna present there. After that, we crossed the city by walk until the Royal Palace, we saw the famous 'Plaza Mayor', the market 'San Miguel', and we took a drink in the place 'Santa Anna'. It's a small city, I mean in one day you can visit all the famous places, but it's really pretty. 

Saturday, we past all the day in Toledo. It's a old village, a fortress, at one hour of Madrid. The landscapes here are wonderful, the village is filled with small streets, stores of traditional stuffs, and a lot of small church. In my opinion, it's a beautiful city, moreover because when we were there, the sun was here and it was very hot. It's my favourite part of the trip. 

Sunday, we were on the way back to Barcelona. I am really happy because I've seen Madrid for the first time, I shared this experience with friends and the weather was awesome. 

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