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Social-Media-2013-300x266Social media is more than just connecting on Facebook, twitter and talking with family and friends. It is a powerful marketplace where word of mouth publicity can make or break a company. You can have a whole strategy based on social media, depending on your target group of course. In this world customers chose for what they want to do, read, like or comment, there are no rules that you can set. Even though, it is nowadays used a lot in any kind of company. A local butcher can advertise his meat through Facebook or twitter, or even organize a game so that people can win 5 kg of meat for example. But also big companies use it, and some only exist thanks to social media. For example by posting a video through YouTube, Susan Boyle has become a worldwide famous singer; the video on the web had more viewers than there were in front of the TV for the show itself. This shows how much social media can be important nowadays. Of course not all the company can use social media. There are companies that should avoid using it because it could diminish their image or be “dangerous”. As everybody knows the social network Facebook had to change their new policy (selling information of users to other) because the customers weren’t ok with it. That is for example a reason why some companies should be cautious by logging on to social media accounts. But it can also be a disadvantage when people are for example giving bad reviews about the company’s products and that you don’t know how to handle it, that’s why you should always be aware of the pros and cons of social media.

I have been interviewing five different employees from the company I have been working for. During the interview I have been asking them several questions about their personal use of social media and their professional use. They have all been answering about the same for the company, because they are working in the same company, but there are some differences in their personal use. I have to inform that the company I have been working for in past few month has made a merge with a graphic designer company, they are now reorganising everything around their social media use, because in first instance it wasn’t used a lot so they just created it that is the reason why there are some difference because they haven’t all been interviewed at the same time.

The social media isn’t that present right now in the company but they try to involve the employees more into it. It is an important media nowadays and people know that it gets even more important. So for a communication company they should not take it lightly, but think about all the possibilities these media offers. Once they have a good social media strategy they can improve their clients social media strategy, you can’t do something that you aren’t able to do right. They have to find the suitable social media tools by analysing themselves, their clients and their target group. Once they have done that they should also be aware of the good moment for launching it. They have now a nice and great opportunity, because of the launching of their new name, website and home-style. It really is a good reason to open new accounts. But once all that done they should not forget to keep it up to date because if they don’t, it isn’t necessary to create new accounts it would only tarnish their image if the information on the internet is not worth it. To conclude I would say that a few years ago, social media wouldn’t be something companies would need to use, it was just a nice medium to stand out of the group but nowadays it is not just something nice, people need it to have a good image. If a communication company isn’t present on the social media sphere they would not be taken seriously, how can a company help you with online communication if their own communication isn’t right?

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