Rapport d’étonnement


I have been in the Netherlands since that I was very young. Actually I have been there the first three years of my life because my grandparents are Dutch. It is a really important country for me, it is like my home that’s why I wanted to do my internship in the Netherlands so I could improve my Dutch writing skills and discover the working environment. Because it is like home I can’t say it is a foreign country for me but I know that there are differences between the people that are living in France and in the Netherlands. Dutch people are more open to new things, they don’t eat at the same time, they are tall and blond, they go to work/school with a bike, no seriously it is all nearly the same but I cannot compare a lot because I have never been working in that kind of company in France.  The country is different of course, but that is the same everywhere, every country has its own habits. We go to work by bike even if it is raining or snowing, I have learned a different way of working. For example I could go to work when I wanted as long as I did my 36 hours in a week. I have also noticed that when you go to the hospital it isn’t the same. I have felt from the stairs and had to go to the hospital because I had a brain concussion so I wasn’t allowed to work, but there they don’t give you straight away medicines. In France you can get what you want, you don’t need to ask 20 people in order to get medicines.

They also don’t have the same food culture in the Netherlands, they eat different street food that is coming out of electronic walls. They also eat a lot of potatoes.  Maybe it is due to the climate but it is quite different than in France. At noon they don’t have a long eating time. Most of the time it is half an hour maximum, and they don’t eat a lot just some small sandwich. They also eat earlier than in France, around 6 o’clock because they finish work earlier. School finishes around 3 or 4 o’clock and work between 5 and 6. Life is less expensive even though the salaries are better but you can see that everybody is watching out. As everybody knows the Netherlands are also famous for the tulips, cheeses and bikes. It also has a huge architectural diversity with all the nice houses made of brown bricks and the cities with the water channels. It is also a country where most of the things are aloud, like the use of soft drugs that isn’t in France, or one of the first to adopt the gay marriage and to accept euthanasia.  Compared to France the public transports are really good and not that expensive all the Dutch students living and studying in the Netherlands are not paying the train/bus and most companies are paying the transport for their employees because they want to privilege the public transport. Some companies even offer to give money in order that the employees can buy a bike.

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