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HDtt logo.pngIn my sixth semester at IPAG Business School, after 5 months in Austria, I went to the Netherlands to do my Internship. It covered a period of 4 months starting from March and ending in June. I did my Internship in Nijmegen, the oldest city of The Netherlands, in the south-eastern coast. The company where I have been working for as a trainee is called HDtt Communicatieadvies. It has been established in 1988. Since then, they have gained a large experience in the communication sector. Nowadays they are getting bigger; they just merged with the company they have been sharing the offices with. They are now a communication and graphic design company in one. Their motto is based on the fact that they bring stories to life, that they do not sell fairy tales, but powerful stories. As I said before, it operates in several sectors but all under the communication branch like care and welfare, sovereigns (government) and they give advice in training. It describes itself as a creative full service communication consulting company. Their specialization runs through the whole communication process, which means it goes from the analysis to the realization of their projects. It is a well-known communication and advice company that made its proof over the years. Nowadays it works with famous companies and events.  Most of their clients are working in the mobility for example at bus companies from the region, trains in the Netherlands or taxis in the region, but another big section of the company is the care section. They are working with different companies in the care world. Most of them need help with making a magazine for their clients. At HDtt they also create magazines, websites, and advertisement possibilities and so on.

As I said before HDtt communicatieadvies has a large number of clients that can be divided into three different branches:

–       Care & Welfare,

–       Training & Advice: this should include ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, HAN, Radboud University and the University of Twente.

–       (Semi) government: this branch includes the NS, Rijkswaterstaat and city Arnhem / Nijmegen. Within this industry HDtt puts emphasis on the mobility and infrastructure



The permanent team of HDTT Communicatieadvies consists of 17 employees. These employees are divided into four categories.

o The management, general manager and senior communications advisor

o The communication consultants, junior, medium and senior communications advisors

o The final editors, magazine editors, copywriters, web editor and image editor

o The support staff (secretaries and system administrator)



During my training time, we have been told about the merge with the company that they were sharing the offices with: HDtt communicatieadvies was going to merge with Nies & partners. Nies is the design company on the second floor of the building at the Sloetstraat. The company specializes now in design, the branch that HDtt was missing. This fusion is an effective and efficient step for the future. Two weeks before leaving they have showed me the new design of the logo and the internal style. They also have launched the new name then. As you can see under I have put the new logo of the company.


Projects & Personal experience

During my internship I worked on a lot of different projects but mainly I have been working on the intern communication plan. I have been doing my job as a junior communication advisor. The company were I have been working just made a merge with the company they have been working with for years, and they are trying to change their corporate identity. My job was to manage the intern communication plan of HDtt during the whole period I have been Intern. I was supervised by my internship supervisor. As described in this report I have also been working in parallel on other projects. The main projects I was focused on besides the intern communication plan were: helping with the “Yogafestival” event, organising the “BakfietsTreffen” event and assisting the “SLIM uit de spits” project from the municipality in Nijmegen.

Each project was a challenge because this was the first time that I was given that much responsibility for a project. Regarding the financial, technical and cultural situation of the company it was sometimes difficult to accomplish a project. Because of my Dutch writing I needed to let my work being checked, that took more time, the company was also being redesigned so it was sometimes difficult to work in an office were people were painting and sawing… but also the fact that there has been a merge while I was there nobody really new to who we had to ask or show papers. But these were factors that we all had to adapt to and I managed to do that.

As a full member of the team, I have been thrown into the deep and they have let me think about everything that should be done, during a brainstorming for example. How to reach the target audience? What kind of advertising is part of this? How should the marketing be attuned? But I have also been dealing with other assignments during those 4 months. I have also done other jobs, which the employees allow you to deal with if you are going to work as a communications advisor. So I have been thinking for ideas to put in the magazines, I went doing interviews, I went to several meetings, I have been doing brainstorming’s for a particular project and am I went to test a new product that HDtt was testing before launching it. But my main project was to organize everything around the internal communication. One week after I started they told everybody during the team day that there would be a merge with the designers company upstairs. So I had to make a communication plan for HDtt to prepare them for the merge, the clients, themselves…I was really happy that I was given this opportunity because it looked a really enthusiastic project.

Looking back at my internship, I have had a very informative internship at HDtt. I was coming from nowhere and have been thrown into the deep and had to figure out what to do. This type of approach gives a unique experience and it has learned me a lot. I didn’t want to miss a minute of those four months. With a look at myself I now know that I am able to do several things by myself. For example I have always been sending mails because I was too shy to call. But at HDtt I learned to use the phone and put my uncertainty aside. The phone is better when you don’t have a lot of time because then they answer you straight away and you don’t have to wait for anything and you get a faster response.



As I have said before I have been learning really a lot at HDtt. I have improved my writing skills in Dutch, learned different things about the living style because most of the time I have been with friends or family and not professional colleagues. So this was quite different and I am glad about it.

I have also been doing task that I thought I could never realize, but I did and I am very proud of it. Working isn’t that difficult, but you have to communicate well between each other in order to have a good atmosphere, it is a bit the same as at school, but school is more for yourself, at work you are working for people so you can’t say that it is good if it isn’t even finished!

I would like to say that it was a great opportunity for me to be able to do my internship abroad, I did it last year in England but it was more looking at what they were doing, I wasn’t given any real task. That’s why I really enjoyed it this year. I have been able to do so much to enrich my professional and personal life.

To conclude I have learned a lot during this internship, as much on professional level than personal. I have enrich my vocabulary, I know also that communication will not be what I want to do later I am now sure I want to work in the marketing sector, and maybe work in the Netherlands but then I want to work in a company where they will need English because I don’t want to waste my language skills, that would be annoying for me. I also know that I can’t stay behind a computer a whole year so I will need a job where I can also go to meet clients or go abroad! This was a great experience and as I have said before I am very thankful that I have been able to do it.

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