11 janvier 2017


Usually Mondays we go to the mangrove site. This is the most tiring activitiy because we need a lot of patience and learn how to work in a hostile environment in the mud and with the sun or the rain.

The point of this work is to transfer some mangroves from a place with a lot to a place with nothing. A mangrove is very important for the environment this is the only plants who grow in the salt water. It helps against the erosion of the earth. Moreover there a lot of animals who lives there and the destruction of this plants has an influence on the coral’s life. This is the first plant of food supply chain.

It takes about 35 minutes to uprooting the plant and we have to start again two or three times. Then we transplant the mangroves in the other place.

To summarize we can say this activity is hard to do and I don’t know if it is really useful for the environment to do that because only 40% of the transplantation survive. I wish to talk to the local community to explain how much this plant is important and we have to preserve them.


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