9 janvier 2017

Visit in China

During my mission in China I could  visit 3 major places; the city of Chengdu, Eimei Shan and Leshan.

Isolated by a mountainous barrier, the Sichuan counts about 81 million inhabitants. Chengdu is the capital of this province. This big two-thousand-year-old city counts 9.2 million habitants and kept a part of its historic identity contrary to the other Chinese megalopolises. Chengdu reigned economically, politically and culturally on the Sichuan 400 before J.C.

I have visit several temples there, dink jasmine tea in very old tea houses, walk in People Park (Time Square de Chengdu!), buy some staff in Global Center (the widest building in the world). Chengdu is a very active city and the atmosphere is unbreathable there when it is warm.

The Taoists began to build temples on Eimei Shan from the 2nd century. With the expension of the Buddhism, it became one of the 4 mountains crowned. It will have been necessary to climb 2 hours and to reach 3100 meters in height to get through it and contemplate a view and the monument. The monkeys are omnipresent in mountains and we some of them on the way back !


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