7 janvier 2017

Information about Thailand

The Thailand is border with a hillside of Himalaya. There are a lot of river plain. The strange form of the country is often compared to a head of elephant (Malaysia would be the trunk). Thailand has a total area of approximately 513.000 km². There is a contrasted climate: really humid and warm but with a lot of rain. The kingdom has a border with four countries: Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. The Mekong is the border with the Laos and competes with the Amazon about the biodiversity. The official language is Thai. In Thailand, there are 67 million Thai people and almost 17 million people live in Bangkok. Of the 67 million of people, 85% are Buddhist, and the others are almost all Muslim, there are small Christian communities.


Despite a political instability because of the King’s death Thailand keeps to prospering. The way of life increases and there are excellent relationship with its neighbors.

The religion is important in the Thai culture. About 95% Thai people practice the Buddhism Theravada. Also it is usual to see some monk in the street.

The Thai kitchen is knew for being spicy, but also for sweet flavors, bitter and salted. The Muay Thai is Thailand’s signature.



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