7 janvier 2017

Diving day

During my Conservation project each weeks were divided: three days per week we go diving, one day we do a beach clean-up and one day we go to a mangroves site but this may vary.

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we go diving. We don’t do more than three days because diving can be exhausting and you have to do some break for medical reasons (for example for hears). The journey start at 7.30 am, our driver take us from the pier. Then we take a long tail boat for go to the big boat Poseidon. We can do a local diving in Ao nang or go to PhiPhi Island. The journey can finished at twelve if we stay in Ao nang or at 17 pm if we go to PhiPhi Island because of the two hours by boat for go and back.

There are two dives per day separate each other by one hour. One dive takes about 60 minutes and you do a survey during about 25 minutes. During a survey I have to note on a slate a lot of information about fish, coral, trashes, temperature, visibility of the water, endangered species like shark turtles or rays, depth, etc. We do the survey during 100 meters with a dive master and 2 or 3 others volunteers.


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