7 janvier 2017


Synthesis of my semester in India

Living one semester in India was a great experience. It was very rich personally as well as professionally. During these almost 4 months, I was immersed in the Asian lifestyle and especially the Indian one. So, I discovered a new and very different culture (faiths, traditions and customs, foods, behaviour), unique landscapes etc. Having lived 4 months, alone, on the other side of the world, made me evolve and grow up.

I guess this was one of the purposes of this whole year: opening our mind to new culture and take all the best we can from it. I am feeling extremely lucky for living this incredible semester and, I am sad to see that this is now over.

It probably changed me more than I think. I can really feel a difference on my English level, and a huge difference about how I see the world. I would like to travel more, to build more and more connections with foreigners in order to learn even more.

My mission was even harder with the language barrier but I am even prouder now to see all the results and the smile of the girls I helped.

I will never thank everyone enough for this year, and I feel lucky, grateful and deeply happy having lived this. 

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