6 janvier 2017

Synthesis of my astonishment report

Languages: There are many languages in India: more than 100! There are 2 official’s languages, English and Hindi, but there are also many regional languages. Every part of India has its own regional language. Educated people in town know their mother language, most of the time a regional language but they also know Hindi and English as well and sometimes other languages. The Hindi and regional language alphabet are not the same but for me they are similar… but in fact, children should learn 3 alphabets! They impress me.

Transport: I knew that public transport in India are very crowed because we can see everywhere picture of an Indian station at the pick hour. But we don't realise what is the trip in the train with all the people. Fortunately, there are women compartments. One time I was with a friend so to stay with him during the train trip, we choose to go in the mix compartment. It was my worth travel in train. We had no place to stay, we were compressed all together and Indian man’s try to touch me everywhere. We also have this kind of problem in public transport in Paris but not like this, not that much.

Religion: Every Indian people have a religion and they are respectfully of the other religion. Every religion can have its own festival and song to call for the prayer like the muezzin for Muslim community, bell for Catholic Church, tom-tom for Hindu puja… They are also proud to be Catholic, Hindu or Muslim and the faith is very important for all of them. For instance, before starting a trip in bus, the driver prays his God, which one is written in big on the bus like "Jesus ways" or "Laxmi travel".

Pollution: There is many pollution in the town in India. When I reached Mumbai after one month in Goa, I was like asphyxiated. In the morning, we can see like a big cloud in the middle of the building made by pollution of the car and camp fire. (Many people in slums cook on camp fire)

Dry day: The concept is that on the dry day, every wine shop is close and you mustn't drink alcohol. The reason of those days is that the population of India is enormous and in town they are many on 1 km² and if all the people are drunk because it's one religious festival or election, I was too dangerous so they instituted dry day.

Cleanlines: Indian people are very clean at home, they sweep the floor several times a day, sweep in front of the door also but most of the street, in town and country side are very dirty. They always throw out the trash in the nature, sea or river. Educated people begin to care about environment but the rest of the population really doesn’t care. In the slum, the floor is covered of plastic bags, used cloths, food remnants and other garbage’s. There are also many animals which are eating detritus like dog, chicken, goat, pig…  

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