5 janvier 2017


Transport in Mumbai

Jam trafficMumbai is always crowed. On the road, there is always traffic jam on High way or little road. Lots of car, trucks, Rickshaw and taxi cross the town. In Mumbai, rich people have a personal driver. But for the other, public transport are good too. There are Meter Auto Ricksaws, Cab and Black-and-yellow meter taxis ; Buses ; train, monorail and metro.

 In the Mumbai Suburban Railway, the peak hours, it is overcrowded. Trains have a rated capacity of 1,700 passengers with nine car. But during peak hours, there are aroud 4,500 passengers. There is no close door and some people are completely outside of the train, they cling only a bar or the top of the door. It is very dangerous. There are more than 600 deaths per day because of the train accidents in Mumbai. To fight againt sexual agression, agression and sexism, there is room only for woman, only for handicap people and mixt room. They are less poeple in the first class room, it is a kind of garantie to have a sit. Indian people leave the train before it stoped and also get on it before. Often, you can miss your station because you can’t leave the train ! You have to be next the door 2 stations before you want to leave to be sure to be able to leave at your station !


There are also a big commerce in the train. In woman room, you can see sellers of fruits and vegetables, cheap jewelry (Especially earrings and bracelets) and hair clips. They also send pencil case and pen for chirldren… and broom !

Anecdote : I am very tall and people in India are, for the majority, and especially the woman, smaller than me. Trains are designed for Indian popullation so they put things to hold very law, and I get each time this things in my head!

Auto rickshaws, which you paid by meter, are allowed in the suburban areas of Mumbai only. In the town, only Taxis are allowed. Those two auto are required by law to run on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to be more economical and good for planet. Buses have not this constraint.


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