5 janvier 2017


Malad East Slum

In the North East of Mumbay, the old Bombay, there is a slum where leave more than 6,000 personn. In this slum there is no road for a car, only little way between many taudis or « gherpe » (mean is home in hindi). « Gherpe » are built with bamboos or large branches covered with taules and tarpaulins. On the ground, they sank a concrete slab or there is tiling.

20161109_102949All houses have electricity but no one has running water! Most of the famillies cook on the fire and the richest of them have plates with Gas. But there is no safety measure, so it is very dangerous. Houses are very low because of the size of the population. In each house there one or more Fan, to try to control the temperature, it is so hot in those small place, even in December ! During the summer, the heat does not allow people to live in their house, so they sleep outside.

I can not count the number of times the girls I look after have said to me when they enter in their house: « Be carefull of your head Didi ! » « Didi » means « Big sister » in Hindi. Little girls call Didi every girls older than her, in age to be her big sister if she is not married. After 20 or 25 years old or weeding, they called all woman « Aunti ».

During more than 2 months, I helped and stay with girls between 5 and 18 years old from this slum. Every Day I went to the « Day Care Center » (DDC) where go around 50 girls every days. After the lunch offer by the DDC, they liked to show me their « gherpe » in the slum, their families and their jewels. They also like to go with me to the temple or in garden. And one thing they love to : put me the saree of their mother or aunti and take lots and lots of pictures of me ! And obviously, selphies.

20161109_102148In the slum, one thing is very interessant to : the little job of their housewife mother. It is not realy a job, because it is not controled by the government but they do lots of things. For exemple, the mother of one girl put hair clips on a cardboard plate : she have a big bag with many different clip and she has to select them and put it with similar in on cardboard plate. An other woman make Hindou weeding necklace, an other put little gem on Earings… 

One thing more : all boys in india like to play with a Kite or play Cricket, the national sport of India! In the slum, we can see lots of colored kite everywhere in the sky, it is wonderfull ! But we don't see the transparent nylon thread, be carefull of your head or foot! 

And a tip too: never go to the toilet in a slum!


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