4 janvier 2017


The Saree or Sari

The Saree is the traditional  garment for woman in India and the neighboring countries (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan). Even until today, many woman wear a Saree every day. The sari is associated with lots of grace. It is regarded as a symbol of grace in the Indian subcontinent.

This garment is constitute in 3 pieces. The Blouse, the top wich hide the bust and a specifical part of the back, the petticoat is a skirt wich is under the saree and the saree, a long drap (7 meters lenght and 1 meters breadth) that is wrapped around the waist (in the petticoat), with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

The Saree are with lots of colors and designs. White saree are only for widow woman.


There is many different style of drapping, more than 80 recorded ways to wear a saree. It is like you can make many differents dress with the same drape. Different ways to wear a Saree changes depending on the region and country, the caste, the religion, the activities…

There are differents kind of Saree. The cotton Saree, the basic one, we can wear every day at home or at construction work. It is the saree for the poor people. For weedings or festivals, the women wear very beautiful Saree with lots of jewel, sequin and gold slide. They can be in silk, satin or other beautiful material.

For a weeding or other occasion, I had the chance to wear a saree! It's very difficult to fix on us but now, with a little practice, I know how to put it!


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