4 janvier 2017


Orphanage in Goa


After only one week in India, I took a flight alone to Goa, one of the most touristic place in India, known for the beaches. But I didn't visit the beach; my destination was an beautiful Pink Orphanage, "The Pink House" from Sister Christobel Trust or Mother Teresa's Roses. This place was far away from the population and the pollution of Bombay which is very ambient for people. 

When I arrived at the Pink House, all girls welcomed me with a large smile and music. In the House, 31 girls between the age of 4 and 17 years old, 3 or 4 Sisters, 3 "Aunty" and a driver "Neville Uncle" were there to educate, help and live with the girls. 

Snapchat-3721613309611523872Every morning, they get up very early at around 5:45 am. The day begins with a morning prayer afterwhich the kids get dressed for the day in their uniforms. They also have to make a specific hairstyle to go to school: Two raised hair knots (execpt for the little girls because they have short hair for the control of lice). Its is very cute . They clean the premises and get ready for breakfast at 7:30 am. At this time, Uncle Neville helps by dropping all the 31 girls at  the school in his van. 


When children return to the orphange, around 2:30pm, they have lunch and a little rest. After that, they study until the evening, have bath, wash clothes by hands, cook dinner,  play or watch TV. After the evening prayer, they have dinner and watch TV again until 9pm. The younger group of girls sleep early and the elder lot continue studying till 10pm. 
Studying in India is very different from that in France. They have a series of questions and answers and the kids must memorize the same. To help them, I ask questions and correct them if the answer was not right.

During Holidays, they have more free time but they still have to study. They enjoy gardening. You can see the joy on their faces when the teacher walks in.




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