4 janvier 2017


Mother Teresa’s Roses

"Mother Teresa’s Roses is a non-profit organisation whose primary task is to love and care to for people who nobody even looks after."

20161031_061740This NGO was created by Sister Christobel when she was dying of cancer. Mother Teresa came to visit her and gave her a rose. Mother Teresa also told her that : "You will leave the Missionaries of Charity when you will be better and create a new trust". After few weeks, Sister Christobel was better and created her own trust. She helped the poor as she did while she was with Mother Teresa but she used to go to places where they recited, in the street or in the slums. Sister Christobel, use to look out for such people on the street and give them food and would also Beth the kids, cut their hair, help them with delicacy and love. Mother Teresa’s Roses takes care of the kids living in the slums , shut-ins, alcoholics, homeless and aids patients , irrespective of caste, creed, religion, sex and colour.

In 2007, a family gave her a house for those children in need of shelter . Now called "The Pink House", this beautiful colonial bungalow (The legacy of Portuguese colonisation in Goa) became the first orphenage of Sister Christobel's Trust. The Pink House first began by welcoming 15 poor little girls who lived on the street, with or without their parents. Sister Christobel has renovated and decorated the house to make it a practical and pleasant orphanage.

There are now 35 girls in 2 houses in Parra, Goa, India and 20 boys in Quepem, Goa, and the house also consist of a swimming pool. Thanks to all the sisters in the organisation, those kids are now going to an English Medium school or college (the best in India), have healthy food, bath every day ,have good clothes to wear and also they know to speak English, because they have to speak in English in the orphanage, and no regional languages allowed (Hindi, Marathi…)

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