8 juin 2018

My Semester Abroad in Australia


The third year at IPAG Business School is entirely abroad. I first started with my internship in London for the semester 5, and then chose to do my exchange for the following. So during my third year at Ipag, after spending 5 months in England, I had the chance to spend a semester in one of the partner university. I choose to go to the University of Newcastle in Australia. This university is well known as she is located in the second most populated city in New South Wales and is ranked among the best university in Australia. The 2018 Edition of the QS World University ranking, ranked 10th The University of Newcastle out of all the universities in the entire country.


Australia is an Island located in between the Indian and Pacific Ocean, and is part of the oceanic continent. It’s the biggest island in the world with 7 686 850 km2 (twice the size of Europe). The country is divided in 6 territories: Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The economic capital is Canberra, located in Victoria’s State but it’s not the biggest city. Australia is mainly known for Sydney (in New south wales), it’s in this city that you will find the busiest international airport of the country. The money used in Australia is AUD (the Australian dollar), 1 AUD equals to 0,60 EURO. Australia is the 12th world economic power and her economy is one of the most reliable among developed country (2,5% annually). The Australian society is multicultural, with inhabitants from all over the world. More than 28% of the population is born overseas (5% from the UK, 2.2% from India, etc.) The Australian culture is a mix of the British and Aboriginal culture. The island was first colonize by the British in 1788, and used as prison. As a result, the spoken language in Australia is the Australia English.

The country has a democratic system similar to the one in England, a constitutional monarchy. Their queen is Elizabeth II, but she resides in the United Kingdom. Therefor a Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove, who holds the office, represents her.

The university is really close to the city center, so I had two choices regarding my accommodation. Live outside campus in an apartment or live on-campus. I choose the following. I had never been on a campus before, and I wanted to try leaving close to the place where I study.  I choose to live in the North Tower. I shared an apartment we 5 other people from the university on the 6th floor of the tower.

This experience in a university abroad helped me narrow a little more what I want to do later on. I took a logistic and trade class, and I know now that I don’t want to work in this department. It was a really interesting subject but it isn’t cut out for me. On the other hand, I also had a tourism management class and I might consider working in this field later on. I really like the management part, which comfort me in my decision of choosing the International Management Master at Ipag Business School. To boot, I had all my classes in English and all my interactions as well. (Even though Iencountered a few French, by respect for the other around us we would speak English all together). I practiced my English a lot, and it’s going to be beneficial for my next internship abroad during my fourth year at IPAG, and for my future employment.

This second experience abroad, following my internship in England, has made more autonomous. I lived again on my own and in a non-French speaking country. I discovered a new culture, a new way of life and it made me a little more open-minded. It also gave me this will to travel more, now that I have seen what its like I want to continue. After my first semester overseas I was considering living abroad later on in my life, after this second semester I know now for sure that it’s what I want to do. Maybe not as far as Australia, because even though I adored my experience here, what made it really good was the fact that it was short term; but maybe somewhere in Europe. I discovered while in Australia that I am really proud of being French even though we are not usually welcomed. The opinion of the French is mostly negative (from what I have experienced, I will not discuss who’s wrong and who’s right) but I really tried to represent my country to the best of my abilities. Living abroad also made me realize that I am lucky to be born in a European country like France where we have rights that are respected. Something that was important for me during this exchange was to live on campus and it was beneficial. In France I live in the suburb and it takes me more than 1h30 to get to school everyday, it was really difficult and my motivation for class was really low sometimes. At the university of Newcastle I had classes that were just 10 minutes away from where I lived and it changed a lot. I noticed that my attendance was really good and my will to learn and work even stronger than

before, I was less tired. I am really exited to continue my study at the Nice’s campus of IPAG where I will be leaving close by. This experience helped become completely autonomous. I had never lived so far away from home, which meant that if had a problem I could not always call my parents (because of the time difference), I had to deal with everything myself. I’m also more self-confident now, I made a decision of living my home to go to a foreign and far away country and it work out perfectly. I lived on my own, made a budget and respected it, and I even organize trips in Australia completely on my own. During this semester (and year) I grew up.


My exchange abroad was a unique and amazing experience. I was able to experience what it’s like to study in a university in Australia; I saw how it’s different from the French system and from IPAG Business School. I discover a new way of life: The Australian one and lived it for a few months.

This experience opened me up a little more to the possibility of a future abroad as I enjoyed living in an English speaking country. I thank again IPAG Business School for giving me this opportunity. It was an unforgettable experience. As soon as I finish my semester here, I will be ready to take on my upcoming challenge, which is starting my master degree at IPAG Nice.


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