8 juin 2018

My Courses in Australia


To get the 30 ETCS I needed to pass my semester I had to undertake 4 courses. More than 130 classes were open for me to choose from. In the end I chose the following: MKTG3004, ESLA1901, IBUS2003, TOUR2003.


 ESLA1910: Academic Language skills for International Students

This course was made for international students who are native speakers of languages other than English. The course focused on the development of our academic English skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading. We had Lectures, tutorials and oral activities (such as presentations, group conversations) to help us develop higher language proficiency. In this class, on one hand I learned how to write an academic essay, how to structure a piece of academic writing and most importantly how to references an essay. On the other hand I improved my writing skills (syntax) and my reading skills regarding scanning and skimming a document.


 IBUS2003: International Trade Logistic

This course was an introduction to the issues in International Trade Logistics. The focus was on problem solving in International Trade Logistics. We analyzed international logistics operations and process’s designs using case reports. I learned a lot in this class, as it was a brand new subject for me. I studied an overall of the International Logistics Management, the Foundations of Supply Chain Management, the International Transport Management and inter-modal transport, the Export Management: processes, documentation, tariffs, and customs; the Procurement processes, the International Services Management and the Contemporary challenges in International Trade Logistics.


 TOUR2003: Global Tourism Management

This course was also a new subject for me, it introduced me to the phenomenon of tourism within the broader social, cultural, economic and natural environments. It provided me with an historical overview of the development of tourism, a description of the tourism industry and its sectors. I learned about the present theories of tourism motivation and tourist behavior, and the different types of tourism and their impacts on the various environments within which it operates. We also Expatriation Report written by Audrey Ozanne 9 studied the principles of sustainability as they apply to tourism management and planning, and we exanimated the issues relating to sustainable tourism development.


 MKTG3004: Advertising and Marketing Communications Strategy

Unlike the previous courses, this one wasn’t new. I had already undertaken 2 years of marketing at Ipag; this is the reason why I choose this specific marketing class, as it was following on from my preceding courses. In this class I reviewed a lot from what I had already learned a year ago, but I also learned new concepts. Overall on this semester we studied the role of marketing communications in the marketing process from both a theoretical and practical perspective, the nature of marketing communications in consumer, business-to-business and international/global contexts. We also reviewed the activities involved in the design of communication strategies. Finally we took on the contemporary and traditional approaches to customer-marketer relationship.

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