16 mars 2018

Australian Road Trip – Part 2

Semester Break part 2 

Newcastle –Brisbane


Saturday, March 31stwe left the campus to go on our adventure. We took the train to Sydney (which is about a 3 and a half hour train ride). We arrived at Central Station; from there we took another train, a 10-minute one this time to Sydney Domestic Airport. 

We boarded with Tigeair, which is an Australian low cost company that does domestic flights only. An hour and a half later we were in Brisbane. 

Brisbane was our first stop, and we decided to stay there for 2 days. It was already late when we arrived on the Saturday so we only did the check-in and walked around our hostels. 

The following day, Sunday, our hostel was offering for all its residents, a free walking tour of the city with a guide. We jumped on the occasion. 

This tour was great, we learned a lot about the city’s origin, how it was at first the place were the worst criminals were sent. “The prison of the Prison”, (reference to the fact that Australia was England’s prison, and Brisbane was the city were you would send prisoners that would misbehave).  This tour lasted four hours, but within that time we basically visited the whole city center. Brisbane is a rather small city. 

After this visit we had lunch in the city’s most commercial street. 

For the afternoon/evening, we followed the advice that the guide gave us. We did the free cruise on the harbor offered by the city itself. So were able to enjoy the sundown while visiting the city from another point of view. 

We had dinner back at our hostel and then we decided to head to the city Casino.

We had passed by during the day with the guide, a beautiful and imposing building, so we wanted to visit the inside. That was the final note to our first day in Brisbane. 

The next morning, it was really warm and sunny so we decided to spend our day enjoying the city’s Lagoon. It’s an artificial beach in the city, with real sand and a big lagoon of clear water. 

Later in the afternoon we took our bus, to go on to our next stop. 

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