8 mars 2018

Australian Road Trip – Part 1

Our semester break part 1


In every university in Australia there is a semester break that takes place usually end of march/ beginning of April. It’s during this two weeks break that Loriane and I decided to go visit the East Coast. 

We had heard about how incredible it was to travel on the East coast of Australia and we decided to give it a shot.

We started planning our trip in February (about 1 months and half before departure), which was really short noticed. 


None of us had a valid driving license to drive in Australia, so we decided to use a type of bus called “Hop-on Hop-off”. It’s a bus that comes everyday at the same time and stops in multiples cities. Once you have ticket you can just “Hop-on” anywhere and “Hop-off” wherever you desire. We found the most affordable one online, the “Premium Bus”. The bus started in Brisbane and was going all the way up to Cairns, stopping by more than 30 different cities.  


Once we had the bus we elected the stops we wanted to make, meaning we chose the cities we wanted to visit. We agreed on the following: Brisbane, Noosa Junction, Rainbow Beach, Airlie Beach and Cairns. 


Now that we had our stops, we started organizing our stays in those cities, how many days were we going to spend there, where to stay, what to do, where to eat, etc. 

For 4 out of 5 cities, we stayed in the same hostels chain: YHA.

YHA is an Australian chain of hostels made for bag packers.  With our ISIC card given by IPAG, we had a discount of 20% that we took advantage of right away. For the fifth city, there was no YHA there, so we tried another hostel called Dingos. (I will detail those stay in other articles).

Regarding the food, we wanted to cut the cost has much as possible in order to enjoy more activities so we agreed on buying dried pasta and cans in supermarkets and cook ourselves at the hostels, which was way cheaper than eating out. But we did ate out a few times as well. 


After that, the only thing left was the way back from Cairns to Newcastle, and the trip from Newcastle to Brisbane (as our bus was only a one way bus and departing from Brisbane). 

We booked a single trip Sydney-Brisbane, and another single trip Cairns-Sydney. There is an airport at Newcastle, but it was cheaper to flight out from Sydney. And the city is only a train away from Newcastle. 


This was basically all the planning we did for our trip, after that the only thing left was packing a bag pack lighter than 7kg with all the essentials to survive for 10 days. 

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