31 décembre 2017

Winter Wonderland



When you read the name you think of Alice in Wonderland, well it’s exactly the same. Once you’ve entered the door of the park you are in another dimension just like Alice.

Winter Wonderland is really famous in the UK. It’s a funfair that has been taking place in Hyde Park every winter for the past 10 years. The fair counts over a 100 rides and attractions, shows, shops, food-stand, live concerts and more.

There is no entry fee for the fair witch is nice if you just want to enjoy the crazy Christmas atmosphere but for us, youngster, craving thrill, it made the attraction a little expensive (it didn’t stop us but I just wanted to underline it).   

We went on Saturday, December 30th. I am pointing out the date because it’s important that you don’t make the same mistake we did. The fair was opened from the first weekend on November until the last weekend on December. Anybody in her right mind would then avoid those 2 weekends in particular knowing that it would be really busy. It is also recommended on the website to go during the week as the weekends tend to be overcrowded. With all that in mind, my friend and I, both available to go during the week decided to go on a hint on the last Saturday. I will never commit the same mistake. Every entrance had a line longer than the Eiffel tower. We managed to get inside and it was, let’s say “overpopulated”. Things happened, mistakes are made, we learned.

All of this did not discourage us; on the contrary, we were so exited to be there. We did an entire tour of the fair to analyse which rides were worthy of our attention and which food stand was in our mind the best.



In the end we choose three rides, first the emblematic “Munich Looping”, one of the most famous attraction of Winter Wonderland. Then we went on the “Air” or as they call it, the thrill machine. The third one I do not remember the name but it was as great as the two other.


We left the fair with really good memories, no voice and an adrenaline boost. Perez Hilton would say, it was AMAZEBALLS


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