17 décembre 2017

I-MAX StarWars

After the Classic Harry Potter, let me tell you about Star Wars, those amazing movies, which I grew up with. Even thought the first films came out in 1977, 40 years later it’s still a success.

I am talking about it because I went to the movie theatre to watch the last part, so “Episode VIII : The Last Jedi”. But I didn’t go to any movie theatre; I went to the I-Max Waterloo. For those who don’t it, it’s the biggest Cinema in the UK and it has the biggest European Screen. Famous all over the UK for it 20×26 meter screen, the line is long to get tickets.

The I-MAX has just one screen (a big ass one, but only one), so it projects only one movie at the time. Again not any movie is played; it’s usually the big blockbusters.

So when my friend and I remembered that Star Wars was coming up soon, we jumped at the idea to go watch it there. Let me tell you that we got extremely lucky. The screening was full, only one spot left (but we were two, so a bit of a problem) we were about to leave when we encountered a Good Samaritan. A guy was selling 2 tickets because both his friends cancelled last minute. We couldn’t believe it.

We entered the room, and I was amazed. It’s really similar to “la Geode” in France, a big screen, ascending seats and speaker all over the room. Before the beginning of the movie, you even have a person with a mike making a little presentation.

The movie was in 3D. Star Wars is full of specials effects and watching it in 3D in that theatre was a dream come true. Needless to say that the movie was a masterpiece that I will re-watch until death do us apart.

The I-MAX experience is something everyone coming to London should do. I know that when you visit a new city/country, going to the movies isn’t something you judge worthy, but I assure you it is. 


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