What is Poland ?

Poland is everything. Yes, it's still for most of us an eastern cold and poor country where everyone one is alcoholic (that's false but they like alcohol that's true). But it's a nomal country with a huge potential, it have a lot to offer to anyone. Yes, the money is cheaper, but it doesn' matter. Their culture is reich and full of history, customs, traditions.

During christmas for example, the tradition want them to make 12 dishes that everyone is eating during the day, they have a break then eat another one while drinking all along. They also put an empty plate at the end of the table in case someone knock at the door, Polish people consider that nobody should stay alone during Christmas parties.  

I was surprised at first when I arrived, less than 20 minutes when I was waiting for the bus a stranger wanted to talk to me because he was lost and we spent the last 15 minutes talking while waiting for the bus to pick us up. Then less than a hour after when I arrived to my apartment, I talk with my landlords for something around an hour or so. People in general here are really helpful, in any situation if I had any problem they would help me for that. But that doesn't apply only for my landlord, almost everyone here is like that, or at least every person I had the opportunity to talk and spent time with. Everyone is kind, nice, respectful, gentle and helpful, when my friends and I were in Warsaw during December,, we had to pay for our tickets for the tram and because there was no autmoates where we were we had to pay our tickets from the pilot, the problem was that he was only speaking polish, we people saw that we were in trouble two person asked us if we needed some help, and indeed they help us just for out tickets. 

Other than this experience I was also surprised by what Poland given me. This country is full of history, not only because of The Second World War that we only for what happened to them, but their history is huge. The "problem" if I can say it like that, is due to our modules in history in Hgh School, College, and Uni, we don't dig into details for a specific history subject, I only knew poland for happened to the jews between 1939 and 1945. But there's more thn that. There's a lot of interresting and fascinating museum that I visited. The Warsaw museum, the National museum, the Copernic and Chopin museum, the Insurrection museum, the Polin museum (Polish Jews history museum rewarded for the Best museum in Europe), the last one that I already came three times. I've never been attracted by the story of Poland in general, even thought my great grand parents came from Poland to leave in France, part of my family being Jewish and one of my best friend also. But since I live here I felt touched by the story, I flet empathize for what happened and what they endure. This is a strong and wonderful country that happenned to be geographically in the middle between Germany and Russia.They rebuilt entirely Warsaw after its aftermath of the war and the decision of Hitler in 1944 to destroy it entirely. To give an example, the Old District is only 40 years old because it was entirely reconstruct, where it wa supposed to have centuries of existence.

The architecture differes from districts to another, it's a mix of different region around the world, the old district seems like a Swiss city, where Nowy Swiat seems like an Hollywoodian quarter, and some public building from the Stalinian period. To the other side of the Vistula, the east part, there's a Italian and French district and deep inside you could find an American ghetto type of buildings, like in Detroit or the district of Chicago for example.

The money is 4 times cheaper than Euros, most of the times to have an idea you have to divide the price by four to have the approximate price in euros. Zloty I something 4,3 times cheaper even though prices are similar to what we see in France without conversation. When a pack of 6 eggs coast 2€ in France it coasts 2zl in Poland, around 50c. Which let me enjoy a lot of what Warsaw as to give me, I spent a lot to enjoy musem, bars, restaurant, and travels and it's a good thing to do. 

Poland is not reputate for his traditional plate even thought they're really good in my opinion. To eat good polish traditional food for almost nothing, you can go to Zapiecek restaurant. One of my the most popular dish is Pierogi which, to compare can be consider as a sort of Ravioli. Also, Barszcz a beetroot soup that can be added with small pierogis in it, as a starter. For a christmas an common plate would be Losos w gelarece, because they don't eat meat for christmas. Is it Salmon surrounded with veggies boiled gently, slightly spices, with gelatin. It's a cold plate because the gelatin needs to be cold to be prepared.  

My time is Warsaw was absolutely amazing, i've never been this happy in years of existence, due to a lot of circumstances, other than just the people, my conditon, my job, the beauty and the city and every small details. This city is wonderful and has a lot to give to anyone that is little bit open. I'll definitevely go back in Warsaw this year. Maybe during summer this time.


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