My internship

For those of you who don't know what I was doing during my internship, I was working for a company call Lincoln in Poland. Lincoln is an Human Resources cabinet based based ofr the main office, but that have 7 others all around the world, in Brussels Belgium, in Warsaw Poland, where I am, Shanghai China, Tunis Tunisia, Alger Algeria, Singapore and in France. It is a Human Resources cabinet mainly focus on Headhunting for its clients, by direct approach which means that the company is taking care of the recruitment process entirely before sending candidate directly to the client and eventually hire them. 

Lincoln is divided into 4 different entity :

•    Lincoln Associates: the major part of the company where all the recruitment happens for the majority of their clients
•    Lincoln Transition Executive: specialized in transition management for company that require for a temporary period a top manager, interim missions for company’s solutions
•    Lincoln Talent Development: entity for personal formation and advice, with an assessment centre to development his professional skills and a coaching service
•    Lincoln ReSoa: entity for larger amount of recruitment for companies developing new offices for example

I was working from 9 to 17 at the Warsaws office located in the centre, in front of the Finance Minister and close to two main streets in Warsaw, Nowy Swiat and Krakowskie Pzredmiescie which is convinient because the office is well surrounded with shops, boutiques, fast foods, markets, and restaurant. I was living around 20minutes by walking from the office, I could also us public transport near my apartment to go directly to the office. Using two lines because had a change to make to be closer to the office. I had a 42m² private flat (for my own) located in Solec part of Srodimiescie, the central district of Warsaw that I was paying around 530 euros depending on the convertion. The apartment on the second floor have a balcony that gives me a nice view of a nice park.    

My main job as the first intern of the office in Warsaw; originally Lincoln Aria, the entity i'm working for was called Dories Aria a polish Human Resources company similar to Lincoln and after the retirement of the president Lincoln bought the office to extand his "internationality", because they never had an intern before, my main mission as headhunter was to find new candidate to present to our clients, we were using different data base on the internet and in our own server to sick out resumes and made what we called a short-list to be validate by our consultan in charge of the mission for a company before starting the recruiting process. We were formed on 4 weeks, the first two ones was for our data base and the different tools that we were using to search ofr candidates, then the last two weeks could be considered as a draft period, to test our aptitude to search people and to see how we use the tools given by the company for our mission.

Bu consider as a Partner for the company, and being the intermediary between the office in Paris and Warsaw my other tasks was to develop the Warsaw office, the way it's organised and structured, essentially for the Sourcing lab, the part of the company that is doing all the research only. Because Lincoln is working a bit independently on his own market also and is working as Lincoln HR Group. Lincoln Aria, as Lincoln HR Group, is divided into entities but not officially, a psychologist and a professional coach and Human Resources specialist are working on Talent development and also recruitment for dedicated clients, an entity is reserved to special mission in France, named as Sourcing Lab for research made for the French office and international companies around the world.

We are currently 10 working in Warsaw, 11 in March with the new psychologist. A receptionist, our Director, the manager of the sourcing lab plus 5 researcher including me as the first intern of the company, and a Human Resources and Business Developer. I was the only French in this office. 

I didn't faced any a lot of problem during my period here in Poland, yes, the language is a barrier most of the time but people are trying really hard to speack at least English, also due to the recent develop of the tourism activity in Warsaw, my missions were simple and not really hard to accomplish, the "problem" that I faced was probably when I had to find an apartment. I wanted something special and I wanted to leave by my own not with other roommate. But I also didn't wanted to paid a lot (on AirBnB for example) because I was a stranger that was coming for a certain amount of time in Poland. So, I asked to one of my Polish friend to help me find a nice place to leave for the next four months. I started to send him informations about different flat that I was on dedicated polish website for flat rents, a C2C website, and I received a confirmation for the one that I currently have.

You need to know that there's two different airport in Warsaw, Chopin and Modlin; the first one located to the south and the second to the north of Warsaw. Chopin could be compared as Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Modlin as Beauvais in Paris. One is for low coast flights and the other one for regular flights. Every one of them is easy to access but using the S2 train line or the 175 bus line you will be in Centrum in 20minutes, but you have to take a dedicated bus from Modlin airport to arrive in the center which takes around 40minutes.

Professionally, my internship teaches me more that I could I thought. My tasks were mainly the same as my last internship last year and for that especially I didn’t earn a lot. But, my job last year was less diverse because our office was specialized in Industry. At Lincoln I had the possibility to work onto a larger amount of domain, from Finance to Technology and Digital, in a variety of sectors for diverse jobs title.  


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