My experience

I had one of the richest experience of my life here in Poland. Not just because of what I learn or what I feel right now about this country, but also because it has given me a lot of everything for eveything, about everything.

This country gives me some much historically speaking, I spent hours walking with my camera to take photos and visite everything I could. With or without snow because this winter there's was not a lot of snow, even if sometimes it was minus 17 outisde. There's a lot of place to visit here in Warsaw and around, and due to the low price of transport there's no reason not to visit. 

I met a lot of people, mostly Polish people but sometimes Ukranian that decided to leave their country to stay in Poland. There's an organisation called Warsaw Social that organise different type of event, from parties, to chess play, karoakes, speed dating, draw session and so on. You just have to come to one of their event to meet new person. Which I did. And I spent time with a lot of different people from different region around the world, the goal of that organisation is that make locals and strangers socializing and help people to make friends when they're new here. The concept is awesome, and I hope it exists in others cities. 

I was impressed by this cities, to the point that I found myself in love for it, my experienc was completely crazy here but that's a good thing, from what i've learned during all my travels you have to be happy with what you have and where you came from. And i'm happy that my great grandfather came from Poland to France, because that's also the reason why decided to be for the first time back in Poland to see where my family came from. I would probably have like anyone else a bad idea of this country if my family wasn't Polish, and I would probably never decided to came here.

But, from this experience, I was also surprised, but not by the Polish culture tradition or anything that concerns poland. But about us, about french personnality. When my managers came in France for a dedicated formation about some process in Lincoln, they were impressed by how they were consider as Polish people. And the people that are working there are not the worst at all due the company's policy in general and who they hired. I have to explain : When I came in poland I was consider as someone really special, I was like, The French that came to work here and not in another country. That also happen every time I met some polish people. But in France, generally nobody care where you came from, it's normal for us to see people come from another country and decide to stay in France. It's so common, so regular and that happen so many time that we don't even care about our reputation and who we are. We know it. That's good. That's it. That's so bad. We took our reputation for granted to point that we're not impressed by foreigners anymore. But we should. They decided to leave in France because they love our country. Who we're our culture and traditions, they love our cities, eveything in general. And we do not respect that. Just because it is normal. We shouldn't do that, we should consider and learn also from all the people that came around the world, because this is also why we're considered as the worst tourist and ths is a fact, because we do not respect the others. We consider ourself above because we're " a strong and powerfull country with a huge historical, economic and political background".  I hate France for that, thank you Poland to have opened my eyes.  

Poland is love. Poland is life.

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