Being connected in Poland

With a poplation over 38 millions of people, Poland is the 9th dense demographically speaking in Europe. With a regular connexion of 25 millions people on the internet the potential to grow is gigantic. Still consider as a country under development due to the "recent" reconstruction of Poland after the war and the communism period before and after the cold war, Poland as a lot to grow inside of his barrier. 

Recently introduce to the smartphone market, even though in 2008 a year after the launch of the first IPhone by Apple, only 12% of the population considered important to have a smartphone, when only 70% of the population had a phone at the time, Poland is currently on a 99% rate of smartphone proprietary with a lot of development for this market. The market for connected things is still on expansion and the recent Consumer Electronic Show at Las Vegas in 2017 gives us an idea of the development and the insertion of all connected objet to our daily. For example, the last project of a side company from Withings and in relation with L'Oreal presented the Hair Coach, a connected hari brush linked via a dedicated application. Or Hydrao Loop, one of the first connected shower.

With the recent decrease of smartwatch sales without any innovation from the last two years in this domain,  all the market is still underdevelopped whether the rate of penetration is still high. Tha applied only for this market segment, were for example connected TV's continue to grow with today's sales half of the TV sold are connected. In Poland after few interviews about the consideration and their interest in connected things, we can see that even if the market exist, it's not part of the needs of polish people, the segmentation for every market and possible grow is low with also the fact that it is due to only 2/3 of the population is "connected", with a least a smartphone and internet.  Because of the smallest immertion of smartphones, and a slowest development of this market in Poland, conncted things will have to take some times to be introduce like in any other markets and to start getting part of the life of polish persons.

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