The ESN (Erasmus Student Network)

The Erasmsus Student Network, or The University of Hertfordshire Erasmus Society (common name for the ESN Hertfordshire) is an assocation of students created for all Erasmus, Exchange and International students linked
to Hertfordshire, whether they are an Incoming, Outgoing, Current, Past or Potential student. They aim to provide an all round support for everyone's exchange experience by organizing dfferent activites. Socials and parties, trip around the United Kingdom and abroad (The next one will be in Netherland for a weekend), and different charity event and friendly competition. 

Other than that, the ESN is here to provide to all student information and advice to help incoming student to take their place in the University,and one of their solution is to match with a "UK Buddy" , an ESN member who will help you during all our visit.

The University welcome every year more than 2000 students from around the world, and the number grow every year. The ESN Hertfordshire is becoming more and more important and they role is crucial for new student.For the Academic year 2014/2015, The ESN Hertfordshire received the ward for the "Most Active In National Trips" in UK.

The link for their presentation video is linked here


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