A different way of work

I am in the University of Herfordshire for a month now, we have started all of our project for my modules and this is where I realised how different their way of working is. Their schedule, module selection, graduation system, lectures and tutotrials, all of this is diffrent compared to what we do in France.

First, their schedule. For this semester I have only 8 hours of courses per week, which is almost 3 times less than my last year in France. Which make a huge difference because it seems like I have a lot of free time. This where it become different, after your lessons, depending on how your modules are evaluated (it could be 100% coursework, 100% examens of 50/50) you will need to work a lot. I choose mostly 100% coursework modules, and I need to make a lot of research for all my different group work. The particulariity here is they are really strict with our homework, everything needs to be on an Academic writing with very good Havard References.

Second, their module selection. In France when you choose your University you have a program to follow, with some modules options that you can select if you are interested in. Here, When you choose you domain of studies, the University will give you a list which include every module you can pick for your level.  You have the oppotunity to directly be sepcialize in certain domain, HR, Accounting, Finance, …

Then, their graduation system. Every work is graduate with pourcentage between 0 and 100%. Above 70% your work is really good, and below 40% you will be retake, you failed for your module and need to pass an second exam to validate it. Below 20% you directly failed your module, and so your semester in university. 

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