My choice of modules

For our studies abroad, our school gave us the opportunity to choose 4 different modules related to our studies. We can only choose 4, or 5 due to the difference credit point that correspond to each module. An Hertfordshire credit is equal to the double of an ECTS credit, if a module is a 15 Hertfordshire credits, it represent 7.5 ECTS. We need a total of 30 credits to validate our semester, a minimum of 4 modules are required. 

We have the possibility to choose between 3 levels from 4 to 6, each level correspond to a year module, for example, I needed to choose level 5 modules because it's the level related to my level in France. I choose 3 modules that are complimentary for each others; Entreprise, Managing People and Principles of Operations Management, and a more cultural one that analyse a new trend of technologies in businesses called Mobile Business Technologies.

Entreprise aims to address the growing demand for entrepreneurial spirits and skills in the market, where opportunity recognition, creativity, and innovation are considered to be among of the most valuable assets. It requires many skills and a good organisation to incorporate in our work which we will developpment across our group work.
Managing People is a single module aimed at providing students with an introduction to the management of human resources from a UK perspective.  We will consider how people are managed at work, with emphasis on recruitment and selection, equal treatment and opportunity, performance and reward management, flexibility and employee involvement. The module is linked to Introduction to Organisation, and Human Ressources Management, a mix a both module that we have study in the semester 4 and 5 of our Second year.
Principles of Operations Managed is also related to one of our Second year module that have the same name, but more thorough in how organisations take the raw materials for their business and transform them into outputs of value to them and their customers using various operations and have a better understanding of these and how they are managed is an important part of business.
The last one, Mobile Business Technologies is one of the new module of the university created to the introduction of new technologies, more precisely mobile technologies in our businesses and our life in general. This module provide us the evolution and the incorporation of mobile technologies into our life and our way to developp our network and productivity.

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