Living on a Campus, what it looks like

For every french student who has lived on a campus before, it could be strange at first. Firstly because what I call "English type campus" has nothing to see with our type of campus. In France, all of our campus are divided, with have the accommodation zone then our classroom in separate buildings. But there is no activities around our campus, or some campus has but it is not part of the university. Here everythink is linked to the university and or is the propriety of the university. The gym, all the sports stadium, the restaurant, the club, the accommodation, the library. Everything is managed by Hertfordshire, which is cool because if for some reason you have a problem or a difficult someone can help you, you can call them, email them, or go to their dedicated office.

But the life here is completely different that I know from our campus, everything happen here, there is nothing around the university, You don't have to be prepared, if you can be independent easily there is no problem. But you will need to know how to cook, how to do shopping, how to manage your account, and how to manage your time between your different lectures and tutorials and your homeworks (individual or teamwork). The good point is you change choose your type of accommodation that you want, which can help you depending of your situation, your taste, and what you study (depending on your modules, you will be assign to College Lane or De Havilland campus). I chose to share only a kitchen with other student because you can know easily other student and to cook with others, and have some pre-drink with your and their friend in our kitchen. But you have the possibility to have your own apartment and live completely alone in your flat. 

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