Hertfordshire University : My arrival

I arrived in London by taking the Eurostar Thusday morning, at 12:40. I reserved another train that brings me directly to the Hatfield station. Then I took a bus for the Accommodation entrance in the zone where I will be living for the next months, because the campus is divided by section, depending on your reservation when the application form was made before. Hertfordshire is close to the Heatrow airpot, in West London, but since nobody from the university was able to pick me up at the airpot, I decided to go to the university by myself. At the end, It is shortly by train, and not to difficult. It costs me £11.1 for the train and the bus, without the Eurostar ticket because change on your rwhen your book it. It is quick expensive compare to Paris, From where I live to my school, It costs me 6.6€, which is almost £5, and I take a bus, a train and an underground. 

I am located to the Bellingham Court, on College Lane Campus which is one of the new accommodation buildings that they construct. I came to the Oval, the main building  where all our of package pass, the security, maintenance and reception is, and they given my keys. They keys are a little RFID pass wich allows you to enter in your building, your flat and your room. This is a personnal pass for coming home after your classes. My room is a Premium Room, arround 18m² of surface, I have my own bathroom, a double size bed, a pinboard with a huge desk, bedside cabinet, a lot of storage and a view to the LRC (Learning Ressources Center, or "Library").

My room costs £474 per months for the next 6 months. I pay my room until the end of June because some student continue to have oral and exams after the exam period in May. The accommodation is, compared and converted in euro a little bit expensive, but when you consider the fact that you have everything around your building, it starts to be reasonable. 

If you want to check all the room options available in Hertfordshire the link is here


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