3 May 2017

Conclusion of my internship – In.Com GmbH

Danke_Merci_ThankyouLike everything my internship came to an end. I would like to thank here all my co-workers and particularly my colleagues from Heilbronn, Vitali GANSKI, Maurice FINKE, Julius HAIDO, Markus, Marius; and my colleagues from Viernheim (Andreas, Carlos, Philipp and so on). My internship started weirdly but finish in a better condition. I would like to thank all the people who was here for me during this semester, who helped me and the people I met.


As I explained here, I was principally recruited to internationalise the company into the French market. I translated all the documents and both websites (inflammable.com / burner.de). I am glad to be able to write that now the website inflammable.com is available in French!

Thanks to this internship as an online-marketing trainee, I learnt how to manage a marketing campaign on social media networks. Now, I know how to promote a single product but also an all collection on Facebook / Instagram. This internship also taught me how to interpret and judge the performances of a marketing campaign. Now I know how to be more efficient on the Facebook posts, to reach a maximum audience on Facebook.

nav_logoVitali taught me how to use google analytics to measure the performance of the company. This tool is very important for IN.COM GmbH and for a lot of companies. Using this tool and knowing how to interpret the functionalities is a very important point for me. I think it is also very important for my curriculum vitae. I also know how to use Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision), the powerful database of Microsoft (ERP). Depending on the company, this software is used to organize the stock, the website, and to have some data about the performance of the company which is a very important tool.

SistrixAs an online Marketing trainee, I also learnt how to optimize all the Search Engine Advertising (SEA) aspects of a website. Starting by snippet, to all contents of a web page. Using Sistrix.de and the advice from my tutor I created and optimized the French version of the website inflammable.com. On parallel I am glad that I had the opportunity to develop my skills on how to perform in front of a camera. Due to the shooting photo I did, I know how to pose to show the best aspects of a products on pictures. More over and not the least, I developed my German skills. Now I am more fluent in German and understand the language much more better.

My tutor was very happy about my performance during this internship and was very grateful for all the work I did during those 6 months. And one more time I would like to thank all the IN.COM GmbH team for this very good experience. Studying in Germany and doing my internship in Germany was a very good experience and I learnt a lot during this year. 

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