13 mars 2018

Open space

The first days of work are always interesting, you meet your new colleagues, you find out what will be your tasks, how difficult it seems to be. My office are really modern, clean and motivating. It’s an open-space office organized in two big tables where all the workers work together.
Working in open spaces may have weaknesses, especially two. The first one is the noise. As a modern worker you share your office with your colleagues. Unfortunately that promotes conversations and the office can become a hive quickly. Moreover a modern worker must call lots of client all day long but in an open space when everyone uses his phone at the same time it’s almost impossible to work. Nevertheless working in an open space forces everyone to be polite so that’s a good point.
The second drawback is the lack of privacy. There are no more walls, door, in one word privacy. That’s why some people really don’t like this way of working because you can’t feel free. You are frightened to be amazed by your boss doing something you shouldn’t.
In my opinion I am torn with this way of working. I am glad to discover it for my internship but I am not sure that I would like to be in this kind of office in the future.

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