13 mars 2018

Contact management

To be honest my first days of work weren’t so interesting because the tem was working on a new client database and they had to fill out excel lists with clients’ names all day long. Days are really long when you do the same actions. This work will help Deloitte to be more accurate and efficient to communicate with its clients. A big company such as Deloitte talks with billions of people every day and need a really powerful database to find clients whose consulting people have to talk with. On the same page of the Intranet you need to find out names, contact numbers, role level, role description and a big amount of data. The good point was that everyone, in the office, worked on it. It was necessary to fill out the 2000 names of our department.
So I didn’t arrived at an interesting period of the team work but really soon I should to do others really interesting and formative things. 

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