30 mai 2018

Powerscourt Estate

If you have seen Barry Lindon by Stanley Kubrick then you are familiar with the powerscourt estate especially the gardens. Some of the scenes of the movie were shoot in those beautiful gardens of 47 acres. Those gardens that are in the powerscourt estate near Ennniskery were designed in 1713 with a big variety of types of styles:

-The Walled Gardens

-The Italian Garden: the italian were very nice, very flowery. The italian garden were quite classic and I liked it a lot. They were statues and we had a view to the main fountain of the park.

– The Dolphin Pond: The dolphin pond was very pretty it is just in front of the batiment. And was in a scene of barry lindon when the charaters are on a little boat.

– The Japanese Gardens : It was very different form the rest of the garden, the japanese garden were pretty big. It was colorful and rich. 

– Pets Cemetery; This is the largest pet cemetery in Ireland. It can seem very unusual to see a pet cemetery when you go visit garden. I find it strange to find a pet cemetery in the garden when I saw it I thought it was a grave of the family memeber. The cemetery contains multiples animals such as cats dogs or horse 

– Pepperwort tower : The pepperwort tower looked like the tower for defense. Usually we can climb on the top f the tower but this day It wasn't possible.

I really liked the powerscourt garden because it was very big and different from what I saw before. THe gardens were beautiful and I recommend anyone to go visit this gardens. It is 6.50 euro to visit them but you can stay at least 1hour there just visiting. 

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