20 mai 2018

Housing in Dublin

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland. It is a big city with a lot of tourist and the housing is very expensive for s student. Before my arrival in Dublin I searched for a place to stay for 4 months and I was very suprised by the price, it was more expensive than what I thought. The average cost was at 800 euros per month for a single room in a accomodation with roomates. I decided to take a shared roon at 600 euros per month twith Eazy city.

I was in an house with 7 other persons that had the same age as me, all of them were student doing an internship in Dublin. There was a majority of french people and I wanted to alk with foreign person to improve my english but it was still nice. The roomates are not always the same, most of them stays for 2 month or 1 month.

For the first two weeks I was alone in my room. And then my roomate arrived, she is french but had to stay only for 2 weeks in the accomodation. Her name is Agathe and she was very nice and friendly. We went to the temple bar the day she arrived with other roomates.

I think that the accomodation is good because you meet people form different backgrounds and culture.

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