10 mai 2018

First week-end in dublin

My first week at dublin I didnt new where to go so I asked my roomates what was nice in the city. They told me that Phoenix park was a nice place and one of the biggest park in Europe. My first weekend was pretty sunny with 25 degrees which is pretty unusual in Ireland. 

On Saturday I went to phoenix park with one of my roomate and in the park we saw dears that were here in a group. So we stayed for a while near the dear because they werent scared of us. I liked it a lot because usually deers are the type of animal that flee when you approach them too much and here it was okay. I also see a beautiful garden in the park and a place where I could just eat a biscuit and dirnk tea. It was very nice for a sunny day to go there.

On Sunday I visited the city on my own, I wanted to visit Dublin Castle, it was nice but I think to expensive for the short time of the visit. After having visited Dublin Castle I headed to Oconnel street that is ths busy street of Dublin with a lot of tourist and a lot of stores. Then I went to St Stephem green Park and stayed there a little. It was very crowded but it was nice because of the sun and the park was pretty.I noticed that in Dublin park have a lot of flowers and are pretty big. 

For the rest of the weekend I just bought groceries at the supervalu because I had no food in  my house. 


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