5 mai 2018

Welcome to Dublin

I arrive in Dublin the 22 April 2018. I had found a housing thank to easy city. When I arrive, the first week end I visited phoenix park and the city center. I was very lucky with the weather because ;y first week end was sunny. I found the city really pretty and the people here are  nicer than in France. 

The first week I met my colleagues, they were friendly and welcoming, the first day was calm, I had to infrom ;yself about nopcommerce and the website of the enterprise. I sometimes have difficulties to understand them because the Irish accent is very difficult to understand for me. 

In my first day in dublin I also met my new roomates, they were mainly students with 2 french, one mexican and an italian. It help me to accomodate to my new lifestyle thank to the advice of my new roomate. They explain me where I should go for activities or shopping. I was relieved because I came in dublin alone, and having roomates to help you was reassuring. 

Dublin is an expensive city for transportation but the food is at an abordable price. I hope that everything will be okay during the 4 month I am going to stay there. 

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