30 avril 2018

First Day at tec industrial

I started in April an internship for 16 weeks at tec industrial. It is a enterprise that sells hoses for industries that is located in Dublin 22. The first day I was a little scared because It was the first time I did an internship in a foreign country and that when I arrived at Dublin I noticed that the Irish accent was very difficult to understand. Thankfully my internship supervisor is Brazilian and had an accent easy to understand. Even if my english is not perfect i saw that I could communicate with my other co-workers.

The tasks I had to do for the first day were pretty easy to do and I also had to inform myself about the enterprise so they gave me time to adapt to my new job. I saw that I did not need to be an expert in hose to do my job, my supervisor is kind and explain to me very efficiently what I had to do.

For the first I had to get used to the logiciel they use for the company called Intact Iq.My co workers seem nice, even if with the accent I cant understand all of their conversation. 

For now I am happy with my first week ar Tec Industrial.


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