11 septembre 2018

To begin with… Why Australia?

Word AUSTRALIA over ANZAC Day in PerthCurrently a third-year student at Ipag Business School in Paris, I am required to complete a four-month internship abroad as part of my academic career. So I decided to go to Australia, and more particularly to Sydney to do my third year internship.

The choice of my country of expatriation was not made by chance. But why choosen Australia for my third year? Simply because I had the chance and opportunity to discover Melbourne three years ago during a school exchange with my high school. For three weeks, I was able to discover Melbourne and its region, its different corners and its inhabitants, things I appreciated. That is why today I have chosen to renew this Australian experience, in a completely different context: a new city, Sydney, but above all as part of a professional experience. 

                sydney-largeSydney Harbour Vertical







Australia has always been a country that attracted me, intrigued me and that I have always wanted to visit. Paradise beaches, located on the other side of the world, tropical climate, wide open spaces, coral reefs and wild animals, Australia is full of secrets and surprises that we want to discover. Life habits are totally different from those of the French, and going halfway around the world was an experience to live. This English-speaking country allows me to enrich my English even more, and in an intense way since I have chosen to do my internship there. 

roteiros-pela-australia  kangaroo

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