14 mars 2018

BluPods, my internship company

For the second part of my year abroad, I had the choice to do wether an internship or an aid volunteering. I have chosen to do an internship because I wanted to acquire more work experience. The company in which I have found mine is called BluPods and is situated in San Francisco, California.

BluPods was founded in 2014. It is a startup composed of less than 10 employees. It consists in a web and mobile application which allows communities to share information to its members. By information, I want to say many things. Indeed, it permits (between other things) to :

  • Invite to events
  • Organize field trips
  • Make announcements
  • Fill forms (such as registration forms)
  • Request volunteers
  • Make surveys
  • Collect fees
  • Raise funds

As for now, the application is mostly dedicated to schools and provides support to teachers, headmasters or administrators in terms of communication and collecting responses from parents concerning all those options. However, it is also used in sport associations and may be extended to other fields.

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