4 mars 2018

Introduction to my internship abroad

As part of my course at IPAG Business School, I have the opportunity to spend a year abroad. This one corresponds to the third year of study, in which I am currently. This year is divided into two, matching with a foreign university exchange and an internship or humanitarian project. It is mandatory to do them, but I can choose firstly, which one I want to do for the first semester, and which one I want to do for the second semester. Secondly, I can say wether I want to do an internship or a humanitarian project.


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For my part, I went to the University of Leon in Spain for the first semester, and decided to do an internship for the second semester. 

As for my internship, I found one within a Californian startup called BluPods, situated not far from San Francisco, thanks to a friend of mine. This company consists in a mobile and web application which aim is to make easier the transfer of information and legal documents between teachers and parents concerning their children/pupils. My job there will consist in all the quality department. I will also be in charge of the translation of the application in Spanish, as it is an important community in California.

I will explain all of it more precisely in further articles…!

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