2 janvier 2018

Throw back to my first month experience in Spain

I am going to introduce you to my experience and feelings when arriving in Spain for my university exchange semester. Indeed, even if the idea of discovering a new country, a new culture and a new life makes me overexcited, it also has its cons due to this differences and to the time of adaptation to the new country.

My first month in Spain was tough. Really. And not only the first one, in fact… This was not due to an only thing, but of the accumulation of many. 

The first of them was the barrier of the language : I was very useless in Spanish and I couldn't neither understand what people were saying to me, nor express myself and make  myself clear to them ; from a side Spanish people were talking very fast and didn't really help me to understand them and from the other side, I hadn't enough vocabulary to speak, even with the simpliest words… Moreover, I didn't know anybody there and had no one to speak with or just gather with so I felt alone for a few time.

The second, and not the least important point : before arriving in Spain, I got angry with the one I loved and my entire family. And things didn't get better with the following months, hence the fact that I didn't really feel better by the time… So I couldn't really talk to anybody about my feelings and I had no one to help or support myself.

On top of that, I was sick due to the water I think, and for many weeks, every day, I had a stomach ache which sometimes forced me to stay in bed, bent in two. But I asked other students and I was not the only who got this.

Today, things are better in the sense that I have improved in Spanish and that I know more people, including French ones, but however, it is not a bed of roses. I still have difficulties to understand my classes and I am the only foreigner in some of them, and the Spanish students don't help me at all, and talk with me. So I don't know how exams will be by I am scared…

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