18 décembre 2017

Few differences between France and Spain ! (2/2)

After my first article about this theme, let's do another one about the other facts that have surprised me in Spain and that I have never seen in France, or maybe once or twice, but nevertheless not enough to notice them.

I don't remember all of the things that were surprising but I will try to sum them up.

In Spain, you can find many bin containers all along the streets. You have to bring all the trash you have produced there so that the garbagemen take them, because there are no proper bins like in France, when you fill it yourself and put it in the street once or twice a week. No, here the bins are in common,  and it won't be weird to see people hanging in the streets with jars, cereal boxes, plastic bags… Because yes, I have to precise that they separate better than us the trash :

  • a bin for the household garbage
  • a bin for the cardboard
  • a bin for the plastic
  • a bin for the glass

Moreover, I have seen many people from the elderly rummaging in those bins to take stuff and see if something could be useful to them.

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